Academic Programme

Academic Programme

The school has got CBSE affiliation, and as such, it follows the guiding principle provided by CBSE and the set of courses is based on NCERT guidelines. All our academic courses are standard and we teach formal subjects along with regular classes of fine-arts (including Drawing, Music and Art & Craft Classes) and frequent visits to library and laboratories. This culminates into a holistic development of the students who are not only result-oriented but fully balanced and mature in their intellect, behavior and actions.

Apart from this, in order to make the courses more interesting and easy to understand, we keep on introducing, from time to time, some programmes or events which not only amuse the students but also instill in them a sense of self- reliance, give a boost to their candidness and eliminate their psychological qualms, thereby, achieving our intended target. These include skits, elocutions, extempore, group discussions and quiz competitions.


Our fundamental aim is to produce better citizens who are humane in their words, thoughts and actions. That is why our academic programme is designed such that it encompasses all those necessary requirements that work together into the making of a responsible human being.

Co-curricular Programme

HR Imperial Public School has one of the most rewarding co-curricular programme where we insist on all-around development of all our students by making them participate in a number of events and programmes from time to time. We understand that educating the mind through books is not the only way of teaching, cultivating true knowledge includes education on physical, psychological and moral well-being. For this, we introduce various visual and performing arts like monologues, one act play, folk dance, singing contests, and painting competitions.

We encourage our students to participate in many outdoor games in order to stay fit and physically robust. For this we arrange games like Kabaddi, Volleyball, Sack Race, Three Legged Race etc. In addition to this, we organize many indoor games like chess competitions, carom board contests, badminton matches etc.

Our quiz competitions, debates, essay writing competitions, and other such initiatives let students enjoy their studies while enhancing their thought-process and capacity to put forth their opinions. Apart from this, every now and then, we conduct rallies, poster making competitions, and other such awareness-oriented programmes to generate consciousness about health and environment.

Academic Assessment

The school takes extreme care to assess the students from time to time to ascertain the actual extent and degree of our students’ progress during and after their academic session. Following the recommendations of CBSE, the school assessment procedure covers both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects and carries out the evaluation process over two terms, Term 1 and Term 2 by means of formative and summative assessments. While there are two Summative Assessments (SA 1 and SA 2), being conducted twice a year, there are four Formative Assessments (FA 1, FA 2, FA 3 and FA 4) to be conducted in one academic session.

What’s more is that along with the above mentioned evaluation procedure, regular class tests, both verbal and non-verbal, are conducted in every class at the completion of each chapter.

Our assessment is meant to be all-inclusive and authentic, as such, we take into account the personal behavior of the students.